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Carl Westby

Associate Specialist Consultant

A seasoned leisure professional with significant knowledge and practical experience of managing, developing and delivering a range of leisure facilities and services.

Carl has worked with Strategic Leisure Limited (SLL) for many years as a Client, and brings his wealth of experience and pragmatic approach to benefit their strategic planning, feasibility and operational management related commissions.

Carl’s practical experience and knowledge gained in local government at senior management level has provided him with the ability to assist local authority clients who are starting to consider options for facility re-development/rationalisation, and how these should be managed in the future.

His understanding of the management issues around mixed-service buildings, the growing demand for leisure opportunities and the need to achieve political, as well as financial goals has led to him helping local authority clients to identify local solutions that add value to their strategic objective.

He has a specific experience of integrating public sector need for additional revenue with leisure facility design/operational management, corporate philosophy of use, health and well-being policy. The projects he has helped to deliver have resulted in additional housing development, significantly improved leisure facilities and services, increased participation contributing to improved community health, and significant revenue streams to the corporate body.

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