Mission & Values

To apply our many years of practical experience and specialist expertise to develop and deliver real solutions for our sport, leisure and cultural clients.

We work in the sport, leisure and cultural industry. We are specialists in these sectors and would not have it any other way. Without wishing to sound worryingly evangelical about it, we love what we do, we believe in the power of sport, leisure and culture and are passionate about it. If you are looking for specific expertise, rather than a general approach which lumps sport, leisure and culture under a general umbrella of ‘management consultancy’, you have come to the right place.

Core Values

Vision, Action, Passion, Integrity

  • These values transcend everything that we do. They are not rhetoric or ‘marketing-speak’.
  • That elusive quality – the ability to be creative and to predict the future. Our longevity and track record stand as testament to Strategic Leisure’s Visionary approach
  • We have all heard the truism ‘action speaks louder than words’. At Strategic Leisure we strive to be dynamic, responsive and quick.
  • If you don’t believe in something, why do it? Passionate people, achieve, inspire and lead.
  • Consultancy involves the development of a client relationship. We want our customers to become friends and that will not happen until there is trust, (based on reliability and mutual respect) understanding and sincerity. Integrity is at the heart of Strategic Leisure’s approach and delivery.