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Case Study – University of Sheffield

Case Studies

University of Sheffield

Sports Facility Master Planning


The University of Sheffield (UoS) undertook a major master planning exercise to enhance the identity and success of the University and the wellbeing of the students, users and visitors. The overriding aim of the Masterplan proposals was to make people feel good about the place in which they live, work and relax. The overall Masterplan identifies the provision of new sports facilities to include: swimming pool and health and fitness facilities at the Goodwin Sports Centre and the relocation of an AGP (Artificial Grass Pitch) to the Norton Playing Fields.

Two separate reports were required by the Client. The purpose and scope for each report was to develop an assessment of need and business case for:

Report 1: Development of the existing swimming and fitness facilities at the Goodwin Sports Centre.

Report 2: The development of 3G AGP for football and rugby at Norton Playing Fields. The University needed to be clear with regards to the AGP development as to:

  • AGP pitch provision in the City region and the University (and surrounding area) and how this compares to the Sports England recommendations.
  • The impact of the possible loss of the university’s current 3G pitch on Northumberland Road.
  • The options for the replacement of the 3G pitch and the respective impact.



The outcomes of the above provided details on the current levels of provision and any under /over supply for the three types of provision.

A review of the activity programme in the existing UoS Sports Centre and a new programme for the facility mix identified from the assessment of need informed indicative revenue estimates within the business planning.

In order to assess existing levels of provision in the City for swimming, fitness and football, for each facility type we:

  • Reviewed all existing strategic planning information available.
  • Accessed data from Active Place Power

To assess future need, we:

  • Ran Sport England Sports Facility Calculator modelling
  • Consulted with Sport Sheffield, the University, City of Sheffield Council
  • Undertook National Governing Body consultation